T'uru Project

Searching Traces of Lake Poopo

Call for Volunteers

posted by 30/06/16

  You are hereby convened to become part of the T’uru Project, a community of filmmakers, cultural managers and activists who had decided to undertake action after the desiccation of Lake Poopó. We identify ourselves as T’uru Project due to our spiritual connection with the living Earth and a deep commitment to our people. The disappearance of Lake Poopó is an event that has deeply affected us. We travelled from different points of the country to be witnesses of this natural disaster and to highlight the indolence towards the affected…read more

Convocatoria de voluntarios

posted by 29/06/16

  Te convocamos a formar parte de T’uru Project, una comunidad de cineastas, gestores culturales y activistas que decidieron emprender una acción tras las desecación del Lago Poopó. Nos identificamos como T’uru Project debido a nuestra conexión espiritual con la tierra viva y un profundo compromiso con nuestra gente.  La desaparición del Lago Poopó es un suceso que nos dolió mucho. Viajamos desde los distintos puntos del país para ser testigos de este desastre natural y evidenciar la indolencia que se tiene con las personas afectadas, a pesar de todo el tiempo que ya ha pasado. Este es nuestro punto…read more

VÍDEO: Wiracocha (We Are Water Festival)

posted by 25/06/16

tesa (Bolivia) MICRO-ANIMATION According to the Bolivian legend, Wiracocha, was the provider of the vital element for surviving, the water. He was the world creator for the INCA CULTURE, This animation represents the arrival of this creator, his departed from this world due to the dryness of the Lake Poopo. His disappointment in the human behavior and his blindness to its own reality. Lake Poopo left thousands of people without a source of food, life, killing an ecosystem, and forcing people to move out from their homes.According to the Bolivian…read more

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